Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Goodbye, blogger and hello WordPress

Sorry, everyone, but I've decided to switch my blog to WordPress. It's a sad occurrence I know, but it was a necessity with all the extra features wordpress has. Fuck, I just realized I need to categorize the last entry I wrote on there. This will now become more of a journaling tool, not a blog. It's going to be my private thoughts, which will be shared publically. I really don't care, because I don't believe in censorship, and neither should you. So, here's my first rant: I'm kind of pissed off about my job, but I don't know why. I'm enjoying it, the boss doesn't give me shit anymore, but I just don't see it as a career stop. Monetizing my blog is a great way to make money, but without people visiting the fucking site, how the fuck am I supposed to generate revenue if I'm the only one who visits the fucking site. Sure, it would be cool if I knew exactly what to do to monetize my blog, but it's not as easy as it looks. I know I can do it, but it will take hard work and I need to buckle the fuck down before I can fucking get a domain name and get money, money, money, money, money! I'm going to be my true self and provide tons of value, it will be amazing. I'm just so looking forward to it. Subjective reality kicks ass mother fucker. I could make another blog devoted to that, but it looks like Steve Pavlina has already done an abundance of posts on it, but I could add my two cents in, once I become an expert. I'm not going to be some "how to" moron though. That's just fucking stupid. I'm going to share my personal experiences with other people through the blogosphere and we'll see where it takes me. I wish to write a book about my thoughts, but I'm not sure how I could go about starting a book like that. Maybe I should start it in the middle of a sentence. That would be fucking crazy. Like I just type what comes to mind, it's brilliant. And once I get about 150 pages done, I'll get it published and put it out on the market. It will be amazing. Sure, it won't be grammatically correct or in any way organized, but I know it will sell a lot of copies because it will be relatable. Well, I can't believe you're not butter, see you next rant.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Who is your comedic idol?

We all have some sort of comedy idol that got us interested in comedy in the first place. Otherwise, what would be the point of enduring many a night where hecklers run wild, commenting on everything from your shoes to your haircut. Well, let me share a quick story about my personal comedy idols.
When I was sixteen, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Sure, it was a tough break, but I needed something to keep my mind off the pain and suffering I endured on a daily basis. There was a show on TV, well two really, that made my outlook on life positive. The first show is not only the most popular sitcom of all time, but immeasurably one of the best shows ever. I'm talking about Seinfeld of course. Jerry Seinfeld is an inspiration to me. I actually got to meet him through the Make-A-Wish foundation and someday, I hope to see him again, and we can perform at the same place. It would be quite an honor to open for someone like that, wouldn't it? But the fact that he would look at all the little things in life, the small insignificant parts that we often overlook, that's what made him so great. Sure, I was going through big changes in my life, having three brain surgeries, radiation for over a month, and unbelievable pain each and every day, but to sit down for a half hour with Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, and that Elaine character really made me forget about the big issues and go small again. I absolutely adore his stand-up comedy as well. It's so perfectly timed and unbelievably crafted. I really don't know how hard he works, but I'm sure it's a hell of a lot harder than most comedians. But when you know you love comedy, working hard at it is natural, as is the case with him.
Another show that kept me laughing through this whole ordeal was South Park, one of the nation's greatest satires I have ever seen. It's all about watching just to see how far they'll push the envelope to pissing someone off. It's so amazing what they've accomplished. Sure, you may dismiss them for all the swearing and fart jokes, but they have such a wonderful message in most of their episodes that just confirm the fact that they have been around for ten seasons is not a fluke. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are geniuses.
Another one of my extremely eccentric comedy idols is a man from Boston Massachusetts named Steven Wright. He is one of the weirdest people you'll ever see and his comedy is a hodge-podge of one liners and keen observations about life. He will go from talking about how lint from a dryer is not the color of clothes, and then talk about something concerning the end of the universe. He's very interesting and very funny. His deadpan delivery only makes his material funnier, although he talks the same way in real life. Surprisingly, while he hasn't made millions of dollars, he is a very popular comedian among select groups, and he definitely does not work as much as Seinfeld, but gets to comedy clubs on a semi-regular basis today. Still, a wonderful comedian whose comedy will be sure to last for ages. It's timeless.
So, I hope you liked the list I've shared with you today and please feel free to comment on my comedic idols and you can comment who some of your own are. Peace out.

Goodbye Univershitty

So, I'm out of the Univershitty. Ha, I sure hope I'm the one who thought that little saying up. That's what it was to me. Fucking bullshit, I say. So I've decided to put my comedy career into full spring. I'm starting out looking at places in Myrtle Beach where there is an open mic night and I am going, no matter what. I don't care when it is or how it's taking place, I'll be there. I've got some other ideas, too. I'm working on a script for a couple of different things, but for some reason I can never get past the first few pages before it just falls apart. I don't know what it is. I need better self-discipline I think, but hey, what could I possibly do that will help? Maybe setting certain schedules and stuff for making sure that I do what I need to do (writing) when I need to do it. I can write jokes whenever the mood strikes me, but writing a script is very long and it will take a very long time and a lot of man-hours to finish it. I have to work on different strategies to implement while working on it. If I can get onstage twice this week, it will be a bonus. If I can get on more, great. But I have to do it. Without doing it, I'm holding myself back. I just have to understand that I was put on this Earth to do this shit, so I might as well do it. I've been kind of down lately because I really can't see a way of how this will work, but I realize that if I know what I want to do, the how will take care of itself. I just have to keep doing it. I don't need some assholes telling me what I should and shouldn't do. Why shouldn't I be who I am and all? So on to stardom, and beyond, I say! I feel I grasp a major understanding of the comedic mind and just have to apply myself more and memorize my jokes, or at least get some sort of feel for each of them. I want to be comfortable just saying them naturally, not stammering over my words, so I'll have to use some methods for overcoming fear. Something of that nature. If there's no fear, I'm perfect. Fear is the only thing I actually fear. Fear is a projection into the past or future, which isn't always correct. LIke if you're afraid to ask someone out on a date because he/she might reject you, then you're afraid of something that hasn't even happened yet, but if it does, what's the big deal? Embarrassment. Oh, that's not going to kill you, is it? No. So even if it doesn't turn out the way I hope, it's no big deal. It will take more hard work, that's all. And good night you all.

Goodbye Univershitty

So, I'm out of the Univershitty. Ha, I sure hope I'm the one who thought that little saying up. That's what it was to me. Fucking bullshit, I say. So I've decided to put my comedy career into full spring. I'm starting out looking at places in Myrtle Beach where there is an open mic night and I am going, no matter what. I don't care when it is or how it's taking place, I'll be there. I've got some other ideas, too. I'm working on a script for a couple of different things, but for some reason I can never get past the first few pages before it just falls apart. I don't know what it is. I need better self-discipline I think, but hey, what could I possibly do that will help? Maybe setting certain schedules and stuff for making sure that I do what I need to do (writing) when I need to do it. I can write jokes whenever the mood strikes me, but writing a script is very long and it will take a very long time and a lot of man-hours to finish it. I have to work on different strategies to implement while working on it. If I can get onstage twice this week, it will be a bonus. If I can get on more, great. But I have to do it. Without doing it, I'm holding myself back. I just have to understand that I was put on this Earth to do this shit, so I might as well do it. I've been kind of down lately because I really can't see a way of how this will work, but I realize that if I know what I want to do, the how will take care of itself. I just have to keep doing it. I don't need some assholes telling me what I should and shouldn't do. Why shouldn't I be who I am and all? So on to stardom, and beyond, I say! I feel I grasp a major understanding of the comedic mind and just have to apply myself more and memorize my jokes, or at least get some sort of feel for each of them. I want to be comfortable just saying them naturally, not stammering over my words, so I'll have to use some methods for overcoming fear. Something of that nature. If there's no fear, I'm perfect. Fear is the only thing I actually fear. Fear is a projection into the past or future, which isn't always correct. LIke if you're afraid to ask someone out on a date because he/she might reject you, then you're afraid of something that hasn't even happened yet, but if it does, what's the big deal? Embarrassment. Oh, that's not going to kill you, is it? No. So even if it doesn't turn out the way I hope, it's no big deal. It will take more hard work, that's all. And good night you all.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Universe Helped me Stop Watching TV

The universe works in mysterious ways. Recently, I had been trying to figure out a way to stop watching TV, but for some reason or another, I couldn't resist the late-night TV fix. It wasn't like it was contributing anything meaningful to my life, but I still had to watch it. I had tried everything to give up this TV-watching habit until something amazing happened. It was during a thunderstorm. Two TVs were on in our house and a lightning bolt struck right near our house, making two of the TVs "explode" on the inside, rendering them useless. I know that they are very expensive television sets, but I can't help but think that this was a sign that the TV is not all it's said to be. It was a sign from the universe telling me that what I am planning to do (not watch TV) is right and it was just giving me a nudge in the correct direction. I really appreciate that, even though we'll most likely have to get involved with our homeowner's insurance to get this whole matter settled. It would be nice to have an extra $1500 sitting around, wouldn't it? I guess the moral of this story is when you get a definite sign from the universe that what you are trying to accomplish is exactly what you should do, don't take it for granted. Keep going on the path you're on and you will succeed.

What Do You Wan to Do With Your LIfe?

If you knock on wood, it will make a distinct sound. If you touch a cardboard box, it will feel a certain way. If you do what you are supposed to be doing with your life, you'll feel an amazing, wonderous passion that will embody your mind, body, and spirit.
But what the hell are we supposed to do with our lives. Some people just ssem to know and do what they want to do, while others sit in a state of paralysis waiting to figure out what it is they will devote a significant portion of their life to. But how to the people who think they have discovered their life's purpose really KNOW that they have? And how do the people who haven't yet figured out what they will be doing with their lives not know in the back of their mind what greatness is inside of them?
Let me share a personal story: When I was sixteen, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. The only thing that kept me going through the three brain surgeries, the radiation, and the unbearable pain was my sense of humor. If it wasn't for that, who knows if I would still be here today? I used that humor as a tool to make my life better. After a year in treatments and recovery, I was finally cured. I was glad, but now I had only one year to prepare to go to college, and I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do there. I really wanted to be a comedian because it is one thing I"m passionate about and it also really helped me through my time of trouble. So off I went to college as a Math major with a minor in Secondary Education. I thought I wanted to be a teacher and for a couple of weeks, it rang true. This wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. But I kept going. I didn't accept the truth of my desires. I ended up attending college for three semesters trying to earn a degree that would be essentially worthless to me because that's not what I wanted to do with my life. Eventually, I dropped out of college and decided to take some time off. I still didn't know what in the world I would have to do to become who I am supposed to be. I did perform stand-up comedy at Winthrop University several times with a decent response. Since I do not yet possess a driver's license and neither did I have any friends at WU that also performed comedy, I couldn't go to the comedy clubs either in Charlotte. So I only got limited experience, much less than I should have gotten. So I still didn't capture and develop my entire talent. So I went back home and I got a job. A job is a job any way you look at it. You work hard. You don't get paid much. It's not a very enlightening experience. I guess you could say I was off the radar for awhile. My grandparents were pushing me to get back to college or I would lose my health insurance. They kept saying that and pushing me to do something I wasn't sure I wanted to do at this point in my life. So I went back, for a week. I hated it. It wasn't me. I know what I have to do now, though. I don't need some asshole teaching me about communication. I know what I need to do to get good at stand-up comedy, and if I desire, public speaking. Hopefully there's a Toastmaster's club around here. I'll have to look that up. I just need to find people with alike minds and souls. People who I can relate to. But I've decided to follow my dream and become a stand-up comedian.
That's just a summary of how I discovered who I want to be and what I want to do with my life. It wasn't easy to figure out, because even if you know what you want to do, you will often get blank stares or questions from people who don't think that you should be doing what you are. But who are they do decide your life? One of the problems in today's society is that security is valued over passion. Get the good job, get the money, get the house with the white picket fence, get married, have kids, watch your kids grow up, see them off to college, retire, and live out your old days until the grim reaper comes and gets you. Sure, that may be fun for some of you, but that's not how I want to go about living my life. I want to do something that inspires me, not some socially conditioned load of you know what.
People in poverty often loathe the people who have more money than them. But there's really nothing that great about having an extra $20,000 dollars in your pocket every year. What is it going to get you except a nicer car or a slightly bigger house? So what? In the materialism age, there is so much that we think we need, and so little that we actually do need. A wise man once told me through a story I heard another wise man say, "There are two kinds of wealth. The first kind is where you can buy anything you desire. You are in some sort of power. The second kind of wealth is to need nothing. You are at peace with yourself and that's the only "materials" you need, except food, of course." Shelter is another high priority. Friendships can be very precious also on the hierarchy of wealth. Jesus Christ once supposedly said, "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to be in the kingdom of heaven." That basically states that a man who only thinks about himself, buiding up his money in hopes of some sort of security, will never lead the fulfilling life he desires. He will evenuallly see that being rich isn't all it's cracked up to be and understand some things are more important than money. Perfect Ebeneezer Scrooge example.
So, if you're not sure what you want in your life, or what you want to do with it, I find journaling a very important tool. Just write questions down and wait for the answers to come to you. Just type or write whatever you feel after you write the question down. If that doesn't work, weigh your options and go with what inspires you most. And if you make an incorrect decision, it's never too late to correct it by changing your career.
As a side note, I am intending for traffic to build on this blog site. I really want to start making some money from this blog, so I've decided to add very dense material to it, other than the previous rantings I put on there.
It's just that I feel this is a great way to earn money without having a job and still giving value to the general public. The only problem is figuring out how to build traffic and also figuring a way to make this blog more mainstream. I'm not sure how many people read this blog, but I want there to be one thousand to one million times the traffic per month. Once I start performing comedy again, which will be very soon, I'll be able to provide a wealth of details about what gets laughs vs. what doesn't. Also, I'll be able to give you in-depth feedback about what going after your true passion feels like. So until next time, dream your life, then live your dream.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I feel much better about life right now

Isn't it amazing how changing one aspect of your life brings on whole new feelings? Lately I'be been changing for the better in my mind. First of all, I'm now a cashier at BI-LO, which means no more getting carts, cleaning the bathroom, or getting the outside trash. Also, that means I have more responsibility, but it's a little more stimulating work.
Second of all, I decided what my "tru calling" is (really bad show by the way). I understand what I have to do and how I have to do it very well. Once I'm driving in October by myself, I can go to the comedy clubs and hopefully they'll let me in, even though I'm not yet 21.
Also, I've decided to put my college education on hold. Why? Because I really can't justify a reason for me being there. Besides the illusion that having a degree makes you more successful and that degrees are required for many jobs, I really don't see how it will effectively help me do what I want to do with my life. Why spend four years getting a degree I'm never going to use, right? It just doesn't make sense. And if I ever need to learn any specific skill, I can turn to books rather than professors and thousands of dollars. I can't believe so many people fall for the college scam. People teaching you things you could learn on your own and charging thousands of dollars for it. Is that insane or brilliant on their part? I'd have to say both.
Another goal I have is to make this blog more mainstream and accessible to the general public. I want to build its search engine reputation so that I can get it higher up on the list on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. I'm accomplishing this as we speak, building denser articles and longer posts. I aim to give the general public quality as well as quantity. I try to write at least one blog entry every day to keep my creative juices flowing.
I've been really inspired lately as well. For the last seven to ten months (I lost count), I've been reading this amazing personal development blog on The man is personal development expert in quite a lot of topics and he not only talks about growing but also why you choose to grow. One of the most profound things I got from him was, something like this: Sure it's good to have time management skills and productivity, but unless what you're doing is meaningful to you, you're more like a rat on a treadmill. That really spoke to me. Sure, I could use all these time management and procrastination skills to get a four-year college degree, but if that's not going to help me be who I truly need to be, then why bother?
So, for me, it's really a question of doing what I feel passionate about and understanding that passion, purpose, mission, and drive are the things that I need to be focused on. Motivation is only temporary, but purpose is infinite. I just need to align myself with what I need to do, not what someone else thinks I should do and gets on my back about not doing it. Of course, I'm talking about college. And college, at first, going back, I kind of thought it would be all right. But I never really liked school that much anyway. I mean, it's great when you're having fun, but meeting up to some lady's standards on math tests really don't make me want to pursue following someone else's rules anymore. Sure, I may still have to pay taxes and bills, even though I don't want to, but other than that, I'm going to live by my own rules, while also abiding by law enforcement because going to jail will totally ruin my "living by my own rules" attitude. Have a great day and thank you for shopping at BI-LO.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm Chasing my Dream and No One Can Stop Me

I finally decided that I am going after my dream of being a stand-up comedian. Not that it's hard to do that, but I just really want to do that for a living. Just make enough money to live off of it. And that's all I need to do. Maybe some motivational speaking on the side. But that's who I want to be and nothing else. I know what my purpose in life is and I'm living it to the fullest. I also may want to write for either sitcoms or other types of shows. It's something I can really do. It's something I love to do. So why should I do anything else? Why waste my time doing things that aren't me? And why let feelings of self-doubt come between me and a fun-filled life? My life is getting better by the moment as I pursue everything I've ever wanted. This is what being on top of the world is all about. Even though I haven't succeeded yet, the journey is much more rewarding than the final reward. I understand that life is not a linear timeline of accomplishments, it's every waking moment you have, every single evening you spend talking to a loved one or family member, and doing what you love to do, and enjoying every minute of it. We're all put on Earth to find something we like to do. Fortuneately, I've found something that really inspires me and drives me to be better at. This is that stuff dreams are made of. I can't hold back my enthusiasm because i't's just bursting to get out. All I have to do is find places where I can work and do stand-up comedy and I will be all set to be who I really am and belong to the career I feel is the best fit for me. Why should I waste my time doing things that aren't me when I know who I am and now I'm choosing to be that person? This is my life's mission and I am pursuing it to the fullest. Goodbye sadness, hello happiness, I wish that I could tell you the feeling. Get the feeling, get the feeling. Go out and do what you truly love and do it for yourself. Don't get caught up in being someone you're not just because someone thinks you shouldn't. And don't be afraid of failure. Failure is very common. People who are successful must have failed numerous times before they got to the top. So don't wallow in security, go for your dream and live it to the fullest. Thank you.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Registering is not cool, but very lame

I ran a register the other night at BI-LO, which presupposes the algorithm that whatever you attract into your life will eventually manifest. However, I found that what I thought I wanted was anything but that. It's just that I never thought my legs would hurt so much from just standing there. Who would have thought my back would ache and my legs would feel like shit after just standing for eight hours and not moving my legs? Whatever, I'll digress. I'm at college today and it's something else. My Spanish classes are dynomite! I'm learning pretty well and the teachers only speak "espanish" as they so eloquently put it. I find things like that hillarious. When they take their own language and put that spin on English. Whatever. Damn, this fucking computer lab sucks. The chairs are all fucked up. I think it's the fact that I'm too tall for this "beanbag chair" I'm sitting in. I don't know what to call the damn thing. IT's like a cylindrical pad with no backrest. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. I'm going to get carpel tunnel or whatever and sue the school for my entire tuition. That would be perfect and would benefit me financially, which is pretty damn skippy. I don't know what the hell that means, but I guess it's some sort of "loser dialect." Ha, loser dialect, I'm staring new jargon online but i'm pretty sure not too many people actually read this shit, but I could be wrong. If someone out there is reading, please give me a shout out because I need verification that this isn't all just ramblings to myself in the darkness of a Coastal Carolina University computer lab. Of course, i mean darkness as more of a metaphorical darkness and not a physical, tangible darkness. I should get all abstract now and I think it would be funny, talking about how insignificant we are compared to the scope of the whole universe and not to mention that even compared to the five to six billion people on this planet today. So I realize I am important to me, and maybe to a select few people, but to the rest of the world, my death wouldnt even phase them. As a matter of fact, they wouldn't even know I was dead, or that I ever existed. I think it's funny when I see new people because I never knew they existed before. I should tell that to people. "Hey, nice to meet you. I never knew you existed before this moment." That would be pretty funny. I like meeting new people, but only people who hold my values, like wittiness and using obscure irregular words to get a whimsical point across. I'm trying very hard to not use cliches and catchphrases anymore, unless I created them myself. No more, "until next time," but instead, "remember that life is a journey, not a destination," or some lame bullshit like that. And with that, my rambling has come to a general and expected conclusion. Peace.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm over the limit, I'm declined

Fucking bastard! I went to use my credit card today to pay for books and I was declined. What the hell? Those bastards! Fucking 250 dollar credit limit is bullshit to begin with. So what the hell am I supposed to do now? I have no money in my bank accounts, I have no credit, so what the hell am I going to do? My available credit is also cumulative from the last two and a half years, meaning I've spent less than 250 dollars on my CC and now I can't even get a fucking textbook. I had to wait in line to get ripped off in the first place, and when I got there, my credit card declined, so I waited in line for nothing whatsoever. I left the bookstore and now I'm in a computer lab in the library wondering how I am going to be able to go to my classes without books. So this just is another message from the universe that I shouldn't be here. Maybe that's what this whole thing is telling me. "Get the fuck out of there." Maybe I should because I sure as hell can't go to class without books. Not to mention that my financial aid still hasn't come in and they refuse to answer my calls or emails. There's only so much a guy can put up with right now. Why don't I go over there and give them a piece of my mind? No, what's the point? I worked for the last six months and almost all my income has gone away. This is ridiculous. If I wanted to blow all my money, I would have become a professional gambler. I'm going to have to sell my soul if this keeps up, or at least my conscience. Now I have a class at 3:00 without a book because I can't buy one, so I'm going to sit there like a moron and start crying or something. What's a guy gotta do to get free books and tuition? That's the question I should be asking myself. I figure all it will take is for me to ace all my classes, which is possible if I have all the books, but if I can't do that, then how am I supposed to afford this? I guess I'll have to put my kidney for auction up on eBay. I hear they pay $10,000 for one of those. At least then I'll be able to go to college, if not entirely healthy. But it all comes down to this: I could have waited another semester, but because of the whole health insurance issue which says in order for me to have health insurance I have to be enrolled in school full time, which eats up a lot of cash, but so does the health insurance, which probably would be cheaper than spending time here. Maybe this is a sign, though, that I may become the next Steve Jobs and not the next Steve Ballmer. Even though today is sort of a balmy day. LOL. Perhaps this is karma coming back at me for all the shit I pulled. I don't know. I was just having a good time back then and I really didn't intend to hurt anyone and I learned my lesson, mostly. It's almost as if there is a benevolent force working towards my dismissal from college for life. And if there is, I sure hope it's doing it for a good reason because I'm tired of fighting through all this bullshit that most people who attend here never have to go through. At least I keep my blog public. I don't hide my private thoughts like some people. The thing that's fucked up about criminal shit though is if you think about killing someone, it's not a crime, but if you say or write down that you are going to kill someone or that that particular person is going to die, then it's a crime. Fuck you, campus police and your terrible ways. I hate everyone and anyone who uses their job to get power over people to gratify their egos. Forget that stuff. Learn to be confident and you'll see a reprieve in the suffering of your confidence. Whatever. I have shit to do, like NOT buy books and NOT go to class and NOT... I'll let you fill in the blanks. Peace out you all.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Leverage and Calling in Sick

I called in sick to work today, late, after I was supposed to be there. Come to find out, I"m the only bagger left there. Ha! What are they going to do, fire me? They can't! Ha! They have no one to replace me. Isn't that sad? THey have absolutely no one. They are fucked. Once I leave there, it's over for them, but until then, why work extra hard? They rely on me now and after I called in sick and found out another bagger quit, I just said, "Well, I still can't come in, so what are you going to do?" It's called leverage. I finally have leverage at that place and I'll use it to extract every special privelidge I can get from that fucking hellhole and eventually, I'll just quit and it will be all over. They'll be done, son. Done. They're going to learn what it's like to be fucked, literally. Not that I wish them bad once I depart, becuase I do wish them well, but I have a feeling it won't be as well for them if they don't hire new people very soon, but that's not going to happen because that store is awful. So that's why I'm busting with joy right now. They can't do a damn thing to stop me. Once I get my new job, I'll just leave BI-LO and they'll be screwed. They'll have no one and I'll be living the American dream. But enough about them. I'm not going to quit just to hurt them. I'm also going to help myself to an eventual six-figure income. It's going to be sweet. Finally, I'll be able to have the perfect way to end my "career" there, leaving them short-handed. A new job/not job equals a new life and a better one. Not to mention they're going to lose even more people after I leave and it will become the worst place ever. If that's not already true. But I wish them luck as I stroll out of there. I hope they rediscover the reason they got into this business in the first place. Treating the employees with respect and dignity. Until next time, dream you life then live your dream. Peace out.

The life others want you to have

Have you ever been stuck in a position where everyone in your life wants you to go down a certain path but it just doesn't resonate with you? That's what's going on in my life right now. It's so weird because they all want me to go to college and graduate with honors or whatever and get a boring ass job and live out the rest of my days in Suburbia. But I'm not sure that kind of life is for me. Like I try really hard to be myself, but when I do, I get resistance from people who care about me and will stop at nothing to get me to do what they want me to do because they feel if they don't, I'll be a lost cause. But that's not what's going on. I know what I want to do. I really do. And I know what I don't want to do to achieve that goal and that most likely is go to college. Maybe I'm not in the right mindset right now, I don't know, but it all seems pointless to some extent. I feel trapped in a perpetual state of resentment towards higher education. It eats up all my money, and my time as well and all I get is a piece of paper that tells me that I wasted all that time. Sure, it may get me a good job or whatever, but I'm not interested in getting a job. I'm more interested in being myself and doing what i want to do. If I told that to some people, they'd be like, "Well, life isn't about doing what you want, it's about getting security and being a puppet for your superiors." But why is it that way? And why do I have to follow those stupid rules and work a job 40 hours a week, sucking company dick just to get a promotion, and finally becoming something I loathe to an unimaginable extent? Sure, it may take some time to generate income without a job, but I'm good for it. It's not as hard as everyone makes it seem. I'm going the honorable route here, so no lying or stuff like that. I just want to do something (speaking, comedy) that will show my unique flair and be something that no one has ever done, bearing my signature. I don't want to be this expressionless automotron working for pocket change for the rest of my life. That's not who I aim to be. I aim to be someone who has rich, fulfilling experiences and lives life in the way I should, not the way other people want me to. People think they know what's best for you, but they're not always right. They try to force their thoughts about how you should live upon you and eventually, they'll force you to do what they want you to do, even against your will, which isn't right. Its mostly my grandparents, not my mother because I know no matter what I choose to do, I'll be accepted by her. But my grandmother is so nervous when it comes to things like this, and she'll get pissed off if I drop out again, but what can I do? Keep living for some other people or start living for myself? It's a decision that I will have to make from a different perspective and eventually figure out what I am doing on this planet. Until then, I'll have to do something...God knows what.

Am I dying or is this just a dream?

Just kidding. I'm not dying but I'm pretty close to going insane from my headache and running nose. As a matter of fact, I really can't even type this right now because I'm in a lot of pain. What the hell? I've been sick ever since I went to Coastal Carolina University. What is that saying about my fucking college career? But enough with the negative thoughts. I"m having a wonderful day and everything is working out for me. I intend for one million dollars to come into my life and the lives of everyone who holds this intention. I just want to make a mint and get out of this place. Just retire on some island somewhere where I can do whatever I want and go wherever I need to go. Why don't people just get off my back so I can just get everything done I need some sort of money-making machine, like Intra-Linux, which didn't make any fucking sense anyway. It was this thing I almost signed up for and the tagline was: "Make money, do nothing." And I was thinking, "How the hell is that even possible." It's easy, they force you to pay a 30- 100 dollar monthly fee and somehow the wealth gets distributed in such a way that you make like a little bit of money a month. I'm tired of trading my time for money. Fuck that logic. I'm going to get my income automated and my life experientated. If that's even a word. Who cares? Gracias por fucking favor. Or something of that magnitude. Aight peaceout until the cows come home (around five or so).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I feel so bad about having a cold

Having a cold is miserable. I hate having a cold and I have one right now. I don't know where it came from, but it sends the message loud and clear: I am only human. But who really cares how human our physical bodies are? I really don't care. All I care about is getting rid of this cold and as soon as possible,so I am healthy and I feel great. I am healthy and I feel great. I am healthy and I feel great. Or something similar. How was your weekend everyone? Mine was filled with work and, well, more work. Work hard for the money, so hard for it honey, I work hard for the money and Mc Donald's and Greg Esper treat me like shit. FUcking piece of shit he is. I'm glad he'll never get the opportunity to read this because I'm delerious from the sinus pain and disoriented completely. I could be typing this on a spacecraft for all I know, but I'm typing it nonetheless. How come being sick has to be so bad? Why can't it be a good time? I'm going to make it a good time by watching porn tonight so at least I can forget about my sinuses and runny nose for at least thirty minutes. And I can use the nasal drip as lubricant. Hey! That will really make me feel better I hope. I've got to get the "toxins" out anyway. I've been drinking water all day and getting my groove back...again, so I think I might be all right in the next couple of instances of time called days. I went to college today and got fucked up the ass with bills and nowI got to go by books. FUcking books. They're so god damn expensive, I'm tempted to fucking steal them. But I won't because that's not me. ANymore. I probably could have pulled that off at Winthrop, but in Coastal, they make you put your backpack in a cubby hole and they fucking watch you like the Japanese (not trying to be racist here). So it's almost as if they are saying, "We know that if we weren't here, you'd steal every book in this place." And I"m thinking, "YOu know, if there wasn't anyone here, I bet I'd steal a few books." But not all of them. Ha, why would I steal a Risk Management book? Whatever. Well on Friday, I'll have to buy four or so books and then eventually burn them for spite after I sell them back and then take them away. Whatever. I'm full of phlegm so it's not easy to coagulate my thoughts. It's also not easy to live without a box of tissues. Isn't it funny how we hardly ever need tissues, but as soon as we're sick, we go through like a box a day? Maybe a good premise for a joke. Whatever. It's time to get some solid sack time (masturbating then sleeping) after my chamomile tea. Mmm. Chamomile makes me feel good inside.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ten Reasons Why Having a Job Sucks

I'm not an expert on having a job, but I've had about six years experience with it. Here are some of the "bad" things I've noticed with having a job and why you should strive to not have one:
1. You have to be there at a certain time. Why is that? And why should you let someone else decide what time you should start working. It just doesn't make sense. It doesn't. I think I should be able to work when I want an no other time than that.

2. You only get paid for how long you work, not for the work and value you create.
I've got a great quote from the movie Office Space for this one: "It's a problem of motivation. If I work my ass off and Inotech ships out a few more units, I don't see another dime! So where's the motivation?" Exactly. You could get all your work done in half the time that you're at work, but if you leave, you'll only get paid for half the time. That, to me, doesn't seem fair. You should be paid for the work you do, not the time you spend doing it.

3. Someone else is in control of your time.
When you go into work, I'm sure you have some authority figure telling you what you need to do, how you need to do it, and in what time frame it needs to be done. I don't know about you, but that is just bullshit. You should not be told how to spend YOUR life. It's not your boss's life. It's yours, so take control of it as soon as possible.

4. Low oppotunity for growth after a few months on the job.
You ever get a job, you learn the responsibilities, and you do them for years and years before you get some sort of promotion where you develop new responsibilities. And while you're waiting, you have to do the same responsibilities that you learned months or years ago and it's no challenge, and it seems to keep you bored. It's kind of a stagnation, if you will. Why would you ever want to be like a robot, just pounding away at meaningless autonomous labor?

5. You can get fired by saying one word. (No)
This is the thing that really gets to me. Let's say you worked for the past five years at a company. You've never caused a problem, you've always done what is asked of you. But one day, you're handed a project to do, and you just don't feel like doing it, so you say, "No." Then your boss hears about it, and now you're in his office and he's talking to you about "being a team player." He's threatening to fire you because you didn't do one thing. One thing. You've done thousands of projects in the past, but to your superior, that means nothing. The fact taht you've decided not to do one project is going to cause you to lose your job. Not fair, right?

6. Treated unfairly
Many people at work are treated unfairly. They lose a chance for a promotion based on some impartial person's decisiion. I'll give you an example. My old work had this guy who worked his ass off every day and every night. He would put in 50 hour weeks and work night shifts just to please his boss. He was hoping to get a job workling in the "Customer Service" section of the store. He worked and worked until he couldn't work anymore, but he kept going. When it was time to find out who got the job, he was denied and someone else got the job. The reason he didn't get the job, according to his superior, was that "he was too soft-spoken." Here's the kicker. The guy who got the job was even more soft-spoken than our hard worker. How is that fair? I'm sure the person who got the job was qualilfied, but he sure as hell didn't work as hard as Mr. Workaholic. And that's another reason.

7. Don't be your boss's "errand boy."
I remember that I had this sort of duty when I worked at BILO. My boss, a real asshole, as I'm sure you know, would often ask me to do little things around the store, like clean the floors of the whole store or move the parking lot to the back part of the store. And I did it, and I would come back and he would want more and more. And I was sick of it. Whenever something would go wrong, he would turn on me to do his dirty work and I never want to do anyone's dirty work again.

8. Company meetings
I'm sure you've all had those meetings where your company talks about mission statements and how to make the company better and how to give good customer service. Aren't those things just ridiculous? Who wants to spend their whole Friday afternoon listening to some moron drone on about some bullshit about time sheets and trash emptying? It's just not worth my time. Sorry, but it's true.

9. Watching the clock
Every employee I've ever known does not want to be at work. They're always watching the clock, seeing when the day will be over. It's not like they're actually happy to be there, they're just waiting for the day to be over. They're work resistant people. Believe me, I am like that, too, but I find that if I'm not so fixated on the passing of time, time passes by itself, more rapidly. But who wants to deal with time clocks and punch in, punch out, punch in on your break, punch off your break? Jesus, it's almost as if they don't trust us to work our shifts. Why would I want to feel like I"m not trusted? I guess this is a lack of trust between my superior and myself.

10. You are gambling.
Being employed may seem secure, but one day, if your boss is having a bad day, he can just fire you like a sack of potatoes, even if you're working as well as anyone there. If you rub your boss the wrong way just once, he could say, "Hey, I want you out of here!" If you insult your boss or tell him you're tired of being disrespected, you could be on the fence of going to the unemployment office. Why put all your eggs in an asshole's basket? You shouldn't live like that. Get your own job where you are in charge.

Well I hope you liked my article. I'll have more coming in the next week or so. Until next time, enjoy jobless happiness and don't succumb to social conditioning.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Terror Attacks and Controlling America

The thing I hate most about terrorism is that it turns our nation into a nation with less freedom. For example, before 9/11, we didn't need six different forms of ID to open a bank account or we didn't need to have one million pieces of info on us at all times. Not only that, we also didn't have to get all our bags checked on a plane. Now, because of another foiled terror plot, we can no longer bring any beverages on a plane. What the fuck? Beverages. Just because a couple of assholes who hate our country wanted to blow up a few planes, we all can't bring anything liquid on the plane. What the hell is that shit? It's not like I want to blow up a plane. They want to create the illusion of security. The illusion. They want people to feel safe when safety is never the case. I hate how people try and justify the removals of our freedom. "The terrorists could attack again." Yeah, and? If they do, we'll just ignore it. See what they do then. If they start to realize that they don't make us scared, they'll have no motive to attack us anymore. If we forgive them for the attacks, what will they do then? Will they feel compelled to attack again and again and again? Or will it get old and they'll just give up. We're so hooked on the rush of getting revenge in this country. What they have to realize is that forgiveness is really self-forgiveness and just forgive anything that happens to you or your country. If people all acted this way, there would be no reason for war or terrorism. Why is there so much hate in the world? It's all caused by ignorance. People don't understand or don't know, so they react violently. Just as a kid who doesn't understand a math problem in Pre-CAl might yell and scream. But it's just the way low-conscious beings react. With rage and anger. But that's not the solution. Violence never solved anything. I'll give you an example from my gradeschool days. Whenever two kids had a disagreement, they would fight afterschool. And whoever won the fight won the argument. That didn't make any sense. What did fighting have to do with what they were arguing about, unless it was, "I can kick your ass better than you can kick mine." Violence doesn't show courage and bravery, it shows ignorance. After 9/11, we went to Afghanistan and bombed them for days. We didn't have to go do that, but the president did not want our country to look weak, but what he did was make our country no better than the one who attacked us. That's the message he sent. Killing thousands of innocent people in the crossfire as well. Sure, it was a military attack and not a terrorist attack, but we still could have handled it differently. Let's look at the train bomb in Europe. They didn't respond with military action to that, so why did we feel it necessary to bomb Afghanistan and then move on the Iraq, who we feared has WMDs but really we just wanted their oil. Violence isn't necessary. But most people, who are resonating at a very low vibration, feel we need to fight fire with fire. You know what that turns into? A bigger fire. That's not how we solve problems where I live. So why do we let some idiot leader of our country send us to war because he feels it was the right decision. I really don't think we should place the fate of our country in one man, unless it's Buddha or Jesus. People who don't think violence will solve their problems. Someone who knows, deep down, that we are all connected and anything we do to someone else affects us the same. That is what we need to do and until we figure this out collectively as a nation, we will continue to be scared into watching the news and compelled to take violent action against all those who offend us. Until next time, live in a conscious manner.

Evil bosses and how to stop them

Do any of you have a boss that you hate so much, you're sure one day or another, you're going to tell him exactly what you think of him, risking your job, your family's security, and your career? Are you tired of sucking company dick to get a promotion? Are you tired of doing more than your share while not getting recognition for it and no raises or praise comes your way? Are you just fed up with your job in general? Do you want to convert to more meaningful work but don't know where to go? Someone once told me that 95% of bosses are complete assholes. This is a quote I've never forgotten. Why, in the field of having power, are most of the people jerks? Well, let's see. Every human being strives for power and once they get that power, they get drunk with it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That's what happens. You have to ask yourself one question: If I became the boss of a company or CEO or whatever, what would I do that would make me seem cruel or mean? How would I be perceived as a person in power? Because I know for sure that if I was boss or leader of some company, I probably would do some questionable things and may make some enemies now and then, but I sure as hell wouldn't be the kind of jerk my boss is. People in power think they can talk to you any way they want because if you respond in a hostile manner back, you're at a risk of losing your income and your family's support system. So why do we allow ourselves to be treated with such disrespect? Why do we allow ourselves to be walked on every day of the week? Just to make ends meet. It shouldn't have to be that way. We're not supposed to live like this. From what I've seen, the "working poor" get the worst of it. They work long hours for miniscule pay and they don't even make ends meet. People on minimum wage have to put up with tyrannical bosses when there is no other way that they can become employed. Bosses are complete assholes. They leverage the fact that they can fire you for any reason they desire and use that to their advantage. This is why you have to make it so you never have to listen to them again. I'm sick and tired of swallowing my pride just so I can retain my position at a job I hate until I can find another job I hate. That's not the way bosses should be acting towards their employees, the only people who keep his location running smoothly. So how do we stop these evil bovine masters? There has to be some way to do so. To me, the only way to effectively do this is to completely cut him out of the picture by quitting your job and going into business for yourself. There are many venues in which you can go into business for yourself and, hey, in this case, you are now the boss. You don't even really need to hire any employees, so even other people won't have to suffer in your presence from an overbearing master. Self-employment is king when it comes to freedom. You're not going to get yelled at for not having your shirt tucked in (happened to me six times), you're not going to have to get the project done by five, and you're not going to feel stressed because you are the one in control and your performance is only judged by you and no one else. Not only that, but if you generate multiple streams of income, it's not as risky as having a regular job. When you have a job, you really only have once source of income, and that's your paycheck. But when you have a business, you can generate millions of ways to make money in an automated fashion, and that means that you'll even get paid while you're sleeping, which is always popular. All you have to do is find what you're good at. find out what you really love to do and do it. Develop your skills to perfection, and go for the gold. It may take years, but you know that no matter what, that time is slipping away. So why don't you spend that time not watching TV, not buying worthless bobble-head dolls, and spend it creating a fulfilling career and developing your skills to a point where you can become an expert in your field. My particular strength is humor. I can write humorous articles, song parodies, perform stand-up comedy, write scripts, and many other things, but my skills are not polished yet. I'm writing every day to get my creative juices flowing and it's working well so far. I have started writing a script about BI-LO at the Beach, my place of employment. It's looking like it will be an interesting story, but I still have to turn it into a screenplay or a novel. I'm not sure which. I may write a book called Fucking Asshole Bosses. That wouldn't be a bad idea. The only problem with it is that I'd have to figure out a way to make my ideas about becoming self-employed original. I don't want to churn out the same stuff I've read. I want to take a unique approach to this. I think it will be a great book, but I'll have to put the idea in the vault and examine the possibilites for how I can make it stand out. Once I become self-employed, I may write a book called Dress Codes are for Suckers. It has a nice ring to it. I could talk about how all the rules in regulations destroy our ability of free will and completely confine us to a particular way of behaving to the point we are like zombies, just doing as we are told. It's kind of a low-paying slavery if you will. God I love this blog. All these ideas just spawn off it. It's some kind of journal or something. The thing I enjoy most about blogging is that I can write whatever I want and my services don't get cancelled. I could write about performing illegal abortions on my front lawn and no one could take this right away from me. It should be an amendment. Oh yeah, the First One entitles us to free speech anyway, so it's protected under that. I am exercising my right to free blogging expression, so you can't take this away from me. Thank you and good day. I'll talk later about terrorist attacks.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fucking Olive Garden Sucks Ass

I went to the Olive Garden yesterday and I seriously think I got food poisoning from them because I feel like shit today. My stomach feels awful, I feel weak, and my throat feels awful as well. I coughed up some phlem earlier today. It's going to be a long day. I can just feel it. I don't have to work today, but I feel awful. I don't know how this is going to affect me personally, but I will say I am doubtful if I will ever go out and eat again. My stomach started feeling bad right after I left the restaurant, or right before I left. And it's been feeling bad ever since. It cost me any fulfilling experience all morening, as I lay in bad, wondering when this awful feeling will go away. I haven't felt like this in a long time. Here's what I'm planning to do about it: I am going to say, "I am healthy and I feel great," over and over again so that I can finally feel better and imagine myself feeling good. I do, I feel great and I am very healthy. I really do. Let's take a moment to help those in need. Visualization is the key to achieving what you want. Sure, it doesn't work if you're not skilled at it, but you have to hone those skills over time and maybe you'll get the hang of it. Who cares about baseball though? I'm sick of the whole steroid thing. Steroids in baseball are so wrong, but people still use them. PEople don't care. Some do care. The thing that really gets me is that people who don't get tested are the most likely ones who are using them and because they do "random" testing, it is impossible to really know who is doing it and who isn't. Which is why I believe that they should test everyone. Even the people who, if found guilty of using steroids, could jeopardize the game's fan base. Remember when you used to play baseball with dreams of becoming a professional athlete? And then you realized that you would never be able to do it? Wasn't that a crushing dream? Until you firgured out what you're suited for. And you found your purpose, probably more fulfilling than the entertainment value of baseball. I don't know, I'm not a doctor. ha, ha, ha. Whatever. I have shit to do. Peace out mother fuckers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

College is some sort of cruel joke

I had Orientation yesterday at Coastal Carolina University. I registered for classes there and right after I did that I received a bill for $3,650. It was pretty devastating. How in the hell am I supposed to pay this? Even if I choose a monthly payment plan, I have no fucking chance in hell of paying over $900 a month plus paying $475 a month to my grandparents. How in the fucking hell ma I going to do this? My fucking schedule got cancelled and I can't pay shit, so what the hell am I supposed to do? I guess I could just NOT go. That would be the only thing I could possibly do. What else can I possibly figure out? I may have to wait another semester. I'm not sure. My financial aid still hasn't come in yet and that really pisses me off. Even though what I want to dow ith my life doesn't require a college degree, it would certainly help and suposedly college is the best time of your life, but I'm not sure about that either. I'm just so confused right now because I know what I want to do, but it's so far away because there's only one thing my family wants for me and if I don't go to college, God knows what's going to happen. Fucking college bullshit. Why should I even go? It's not going to help me in the field I want to go in. I always hear people say, "An education is worth everything." They market this shit to us through everyone but I'm not sure about it. IT's so weird. I'm not sure if I am even into that sort of thing. I think I'm going to Olive Garden tonight. But abobut college, I just don't know if it's for me. I really don't know. I can't understand it anymore. It's just something I wonder about because everyone tells me that if i don't go, my life will suck. Says who? I can still have a fulfilling life if I don't go. I just have to figure it out on my own. I want to be on that stage. That's all I know. I don't want to go through bull shit anymore. So what do I do? I'll update on my decision later. Peace.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Poor people getting fucked, literally

I just want to point something I've been noticing from working in a supermarket. First of all, it seems like poor people all do the same three things. They smoke cigarettes, drink booze, and play the lottery. Three things that eat up even more money than they have, and then they wonder why they can't make ends meet. Now I'm not calling these people stupid, believe me. I'm calling the corporations evil. They're terrible. They market to these people. Poor people play the lottery because they're hoping to hit the big numbers and win a lot of money, but that barely ever happens. So they remain in poverty with less money while they smoke and addictive product and drink another shot of whiskey to drown out their miserable life. A friend of mine also pointed out that poor people, because they really don't have money to do things, will often have sex at a yonger age. Since they can't afford birth control methods, they often have many teenage pregnancies, which leads to more poverty and the cycle continues on for many generations. I did some research on generational poverty back in the day, and it's just staggering because now, while at work, I see it every day, for some people. People who have a terrible life, but they don't know that because that's all they see. They live in the bad neighborhoods, with the bad schools, with the unqualified teachers and we all wonder why poor people can't get out of the rut that they're in. It's so hard, which is why you hardly ever hear of a poor kid making it big, with so many people living below the poverty line. I don't know how people do it, but it's certainly not anything that I would wish upon anyone. They can't afford to go to college, so they have to settle for some minmum wage job and living below their means is very difficult, especially if they don't have any money. But they're used to that. They may steal, break into a building, or something else, all because they need money to feed their families, but that lands them in jail and now their family starves to death or is malnutritioned. And the cycle continues. And it's so sad to see the poor kids and the poor parents, the unwed mothers and fathers. It's just terrible. But if we can spend trillions of dollars on a war for oil, then how come we can't spend some money on the poor, the people who pump our gas, clean up our spills, serve us at restaurants, and many other menial repetitive tasks? Why can't they get a piece of the pie once in awhile? I think it would be nice, don't you? But is that ever going to happen? I don't know, but it damn well should. People should be at least guaranteed somewhere to live in America. I mean, Jesus Christ, we are the superpower of the world and we have millions of homeless. Some by choice, but some have mental illness. Some are so depressed, it's insane. Some have lost all will to live. But it's not their fault. It's the cruel world we live in. But it's not too late to change the situation. We need to work on preaching love, compassion, and taking faith in ourselves and maturing it to a higher level. We need to do this in order to raise the collective consciousness of the entire world, so that violence and thievery and murder is no longer prevalent in such a beatiful world that we are destroying mercilessly at an accelerated pace. Come join me in the fight for a better tomorrow. Peace, love, and happiness to all of you and enjoy life to the fullest, but just don't kill anyone.

The enrollment time is upon me

Tomorrow is the day I have to go register for classes at Coastal Carolina University and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's kind of weird because of all this hype surrounding college. Sure, I've done a year and a half, but I'm still trying to figure out why we feel we NEED to go there and then, invariably, get a job. I'm so anti-job it's not even funny. Jobs are for suckers who can't find better ways to make money. I wish that my family understood this, but they don't and they place college up on this pedastal that makes me fell like if I don't go, I'll be a loser. But that's not true. I don't need a degree to pursue the things I want to do. Sure, it will help me, hopefully, but maybe I should just follow in the footsteps of Steven Wright. Just get the damn degree, and finally become a comedian. But there's no way to justify going to college for so long. I feel like it's going to be a waste of time, but I guess it will help if I try to get into something Communication-oriented, but why do I need a degree for that. I can just do it. There's no reason why I can't. People say that it's so important to get your degree, but that's playing by someone else's (the university) rules. Why would I want to live my life by THEIR standards? It's just not right. For some reason, I feel I should be able to live my life the way it was intended and the way I want to. I'm so sick of dealing with authority and the power trips the people in authority are on. Get off your high horse and start seeing what's really going on. I know it's hard to see from so high up. The only reason they feel confident is because they're in a position of power. Take that position awaty, what do you have? A sick slob without any self-respect. That is what they call the level of pride. You're very happy, but it's based on external events. It's not a default state of being, which is what we should all aim to endow. By the way, I'm getting a new job too. Fuck BI-LO and their bullshit. But I really don't want another job. I want to have my own way of making money, legally. You know what I mean? And it doesn't have to be that much. Just enough to pay the bills, and a little extra to buy food and stuff. I'm really good at saving money, but I'm starting to wonder if that's going to pay off (no pun intended). Because without spending your money, you're denying yourself things that you may want, or think you need. But I find much of the things people buy are wastes of money, but an education is probably the biggest waste of cash. But the time I have to invest is also a killer. Next, I'll go over how corporations love to take money from people who don't have it. See you then.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I just can't anymore...

How can I? My job has become quite a cantankerous way of looking at the world. It's just so meaningless compared to what I'm supposed to be doing. Why the hell should I have to put gorceries into a bag for eight hours, not to mention push thousands of carts in every night just to pay the bills? Is that what we're supposed to be doing? I'll tell you, it's not really up to me right now. I'm going to Orientation on Thursday, but I work every day until then and I've worked every day since Saturday. It's quite a long stretch to get to the three days off I'll have, the most since late February. I really cannot digress any further about how relaxing those days will be, except for the Orientation day because that could cause some major problems, but they're only in my imagination and that's the truth. I cannot understand how much time goes by with me just lounging around, watching TV, the dreaded idiot box, which has controlled the masses for a couple of generations. It's just a funny thing wondering how short our attentioin spans have become in the last sixty years. Someone who could pay attention back in the '40s has now become the ADHD man of the century. It's just insane how children today just don't have an imagination and they take their whole days and turn it into one impulse-controlled, stimulating afternoon without just cause. Are these the future leaders of the world? If that's the case, I think I'll move to Mars. It's much more quiet and I can watch the sandstroms, which will be quite a spectacle, if you know what I mean. I just have to get enough boxes to pack all my stuff. Why do people want to be so damn nervous all the time? Worried about this, wondering about that. Who cares when you'll be dead in eighty years or so? It's just something you'll have to deal with and there's nothing you can do about it. Just fucking do it. And stop bitching. I'm tired of people bitching at me. "My job sucks, my life sucks, my wife sucks." Yeah, and? ARe you going to do anything about it or are you just going to stand there and complain? Are you looking for a solution or are you just enthralled in the complaining stage? People complain too much. That's one complaint I have against them. Complain, complain, complain. Mostly about nothing. "My husband left the toilet seat up again." What? Why don't you put the damn thing down then? All you got to do is this (pushes toilet seat down). That's all. So don't complain about shit that I don't give a damn about to me when there are plenty of complaint enablers out there who really love to hear that someone's life is worse than theirs. You ever felt like total shit, but then you see some handicapped person or retarded person, and think, "Well at least I'm not them." That's awful! You sick bastards. Whatever. People do what they do when they do it and they complain when they're not doing what they're supposed to do and that's making the most of life and not taking life for granted because eventually, it will be gone, maybe not your spirit, but you will lose everything else. And you're all going to die. All of you. Don't think for one second that any of you are immortal with your physical bodies. So don't try and preserve it by doing nothing all the time. Staying inside to avoid skin cancer. Live your fucking life people. There' isn't much time left. Pretty soon you'll be on your death bed saying, "I wish I would have done more with my life. I've wasted it all." So get off your ass and stop reading this, and go do something that inspires you. Enough reading now. Stop. I told you to stop. You're just fucking with me aren't you? Well goodbye. Gotcha. I'm still here. This is juvenile, isn't it? Well fuck you too. Peace out.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Who really cares about TV anymore?

Why do people always need the next big-screen plasma TV? It's almost like they really feel they need to have it. What is there that's so great to watch? Is the next episode of Lost coming on soon? So what? I don't care because I feel that TV is a colossal waste of time. Sure, you've had a rough day, and you think you deserve to be able to sit your lazy ass in front of the TV and watch whatever show you feel like when you realize that there's so much more to do in life. TV fills the void in many people's lives, but the only reason it does it because those people haven't found something else to attribute that time to. If they were exercising instead of watching TV, maybe this country wouldn't be full of overweight fatcats. You know, if we cut out TV completely from our "diets," I think that we may in turn become one of the most productive countries in the world. No more sitting at home watching Survivor on Temptation Island 2. No more checking if Drew Carey got together with whoever the fuck he goes out with. No reason to check on Jay Leno or Conan O'Brien because they are just on too late. To me, I find that a lot of people base their whole lives by what's on TV. They're like, "Let's see. I have to do this tonight, but Charmed is on, so I'll have to do that some other time. It's an all-new one." What is with all=new? Like only part of it is going to be new. "Today we have a half-new Power Rangers on. The first half is the same old crap you've already seen, but in the second half, we'll show you something new." What the hell? And then shows will fuck with you, like if it plays weekly and all-new ones are coming out, every once in awhile, there won't be an all-new one, but one from the same season, but previously in the season, that you most likely already saw and don't feel like wasting your time watching, but you still do. There's always something better to do. Work out. Take up a hobby. Sell stuff. Shoot birds at the airport. I don't care. The fact is that we're spending more time in front of a piece of furniture than we are interacting with human beings and animals that are real. We know more about Bart Simpson's childhood than our grandmother's childhood. We can tell you if The Price is Right, but we haven't actually went out and bought anything significant to boost energy levels. Many people just spend hours and hours in front of the TV during those "marathons." Don't watch a marathon, run a fucking marathon. Imagine the story you could tell. Don't watch Gilligan's Island, go to Gilligan's Island. that's the type of thing you have to do. Why watch other people have a great time when you could be doing it yourself? Am I right? Just imagine what would happen if we all stopped watching TV. Just think about that for a minute. Then imagine what would happen to all the TV networks. Kerplunk. All bankrupt because the deflated Nielsen ratings will cause the sponsors and advertisers to stop wanting to get their commercials on the air, which in turn will cause the networks to lose all their revenue. And a collapse ensues. And we're all grateful for this collapse because we now have found much better things to do with our lives, therefore making TV obsolete. Sure, we still have the Internet, a wasteland of advertisements, everywhere you look, ads, ads, ads. But that's something for another article. Because there's too much to say. But TV is just awful when you look at it long enough. What is there to watch? Even if you think you like a show, try not watching it once. Does it kill you? NO, I hope not. I remember a couple of times I was really into a show, watching it, waiting for the commercials to end, etc, but at one point, I was like, "Why do I even care? This isn't my life. Why should I care about these people if they're not even real?" So i turned the damn thing off and I'm on the path to stopping this incessant TV viewing for good because it's just so damn pointless. It's almost as if TV is some kind of drug that we are all addicted to, except for a select few. I just don't want to be the guy who bases all his conversations about Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. You dig?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happily Jobless or unhappily employed?

When mapping out your life plan, this question usually comes up. Do I want to have a job and be an indentured servant for the bulk of my years or do I want to not do that at all and do whatever I want and find alternative ways to make money. And by alternative, I don't meet prostituting myself out because honestly, anyone could do that. That's why they call it the oldest profession. Basically, no matter how old you are, you could probably do it, barring a massive coronary. Ha. Just kidding Hef. But anyway, I think that having a job, as in a place you go five times a week eight hours a day, is not for me. That's just too much work. And the value you're providing is worth way more than what they pay you. Plus there's all those taxes they just take out for no reason. I'll tell you what, that doesn't sound good to me. That's what I'm doing now to get trhough college but once I get my degree, forget that. If I go into radio or speaking and comedianing, well, I won't have to trade my time for money. The money I make will be based on the value I am giving. If I'm a good speaker/comedian, then I'll make good money. I won't have to work eight hours a day or 40 hours a week. Sure, I may have to rehearse for more than that and write speeches more than that, but at least it will be in a relaxed environment. I won't have some boss man watching over me and critiquing me. Telling me that if I screw up one more time I'm gone. I can't deal with that and I shouldn't have to. Why should I put someone else in charge of MY time? Why should I? It's just not worth it. That's like letting someone else live your life for you. Why would you want to do that? The only reason I could ever see someone wanting to do that is if they didn't know what they wanted to do with their life, which in that case go ahead and let someone else tell you what's right for you. I know what's right for me. Maybe you don't know what's right for you. That's something you have to work out yourself. Don't let someone tell you what to do, unless you're open to what they say, but don't let them make you do what you don't want to do with your life. Why spend your whole life living out someone else's life? That's like some parent who never became an actress forcing her life on a young child because she wants the child to be what she never was. Don't do that to anyone. Please, if your life sucks, and you didn't get what you wanted, don't try to get someone close to you to liv eout your dreams. That's not right. So live your life and just rmember, it's never too late to do what you want to do. Quit your job. Do it. Have a very relaxing life. You can. And in time, you will.

Friday, August 04, 2006

So yeah, don't go see the new Will Farrel movie

I went to go see the new Will Farrel movie. It was that NASCAR bullshit movie and it was one of the worst things I've ever seen in my entire life. Don't waste your money or your time. If I would have left early I could have gotten a refund, but they wouldn't have been able to refund the time I wasted in that movie theater, so it wasn't worth it in the first place. It was so bad I almost cried while in the theater. My grandfather, who went to go see it with myself and my brother and a cousin of mine who actually liked the piece of lousy film, walked out. My grandfather couldn't take it anymore and he left. Later he told me that he, in his lifetime, has only walked out on three films. One being this, another being Doctor Dolittle, starring Eddie Murphy, and another film he can't seem to remember. It was just something else. I don't know how immature you have to be to enjoy this movie, but the sad part is is that the people who made this film are getting paid for it. Paid for it! It was supposed to be funny, but it was anything but hilarious. It was a joke in the worst sense of the word. I would have appreciated it if it at least attempted to not be so fucking cheesy with the jokes and just stupid, idiotic dialogue that didn't even resemble anything I've ever seen before. It was quite a disappointment. Not to mention I hate Will Farrel even more than ever. I've never liked him when he had a starring role. I only like him in small doses, and even that's pushing it. I liked him in Zoolander, when he played Mugatu, but besides that, he's quite a flop. I commented in the movie that our ticket should have came with a revolver so if the need strikes, we could end our lives. This has to be a movie that terrorists will show to people they capture to get them to comply. I believe I saw the worst possible movie ever. And you know what? It was worth it. Only because now I know what the movie theater gives to me. Shit movies, uncomfortable chairs, and expensive tickets. Why should I waste all of that when I can rent any movie I want without having to go through all that? I don't have to guess what it's going to be about, I can just rent the movies people tell me are good and I'll put my faith in that. Sure, they'll be a few clunkers, but nothing quite as bad as Ricky Bobby's Tengayga falls or whatever the hell it was called. Fuck it, I don't care what it was called because it was such a piece of shit. I think I'm going to start listing my ten least favorite movies on this blog, but that'll be for another day because that movie has left me traumatized. And my cousin Nick liked it! Can you fucking believe this shit? This mother fucker knows everything about almost every movie and he fucking liked that piece of shit, commenting that "YOu guys are fussy when it comes to movies." Well, you're just fucking lying because if you liked that movie, it's almost like saying, "I'm a fucking moron redneck and I live ina double-wide trailer." That's what it's like saying, so why don't you people who think that kind of idiocy is funny go home and think about why you actually consider that humor? Why don't you? Because I believe that if you do, you will change your mind about that worthless flick so fast your credit rating will go up. That's all I have to say about that movie. Peace out.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Jesus vs. the rest of the world

Even though I am not Christian by nature, I find that Jesus had undeniable courage and enlightenment to say the things he did in a world that was so against him. The preaching he brought even brought him to the grave. But enough about Jesus. What about me? How can I go on in life knowing that at my tender age of 20 many people have already accomplished much more than me? What does that say about me? I guess it says that I'm just very patient. Some people, at my age, have already gotten married, performed surgery, composed symphonies. But that sort of thing is not for me. Well, I would like to compose a comedic symphony if at all possible. But I would not want to cure cancer, because I feel that I don't really want to right now. Sure, I know that there is a way to effectively cure cancer and I do believe it is non-medical, but many people would disagree with me. Look at the world around us. How many things can you name that are KNOWN to cause cancer? Exactly. And how many more items will there be before we all die? Millions, I say. But in a battle for power over cancer, we overlook some of the most basic things. Smoking. If you are a smoker, why do you do it? You know it causes cancer, but then again, who cares right? You're only going to shave ten to thirty years off your life. Who cares about senior citizen's bingo night? Who really cares about athritis medicine? I also don't like people who use alcohol because it is a very addictive substance and it is very possible, with the amount of alcoholics in the world, to become thoroughly addicted for your whole life and certainly ruin your health and the health of others. So don't drink too much, okay? It's just not good for you. And don't kill yourself over something stupid. Don't jump off a bridge because you have bad credit or because your girlfriend broke up with you. It will pass in its own perfect time, ya mean? Just kidding about the ya mean part. Had to put it in though. Anyway, people dying stupid deaths really gets to me, too. People who get hit by cars or don't buckle up when they're in their car and get hit by another car and die. That is just a meaningless death. But we mourn these people as if they're something great. At people's funerals, mostly good things are said about every individual, probably becasue we try not to remember the bad stuff. But there are bad things in people's life. And we deserve to say them, even after the person is gone. But why go to the funeral at all if all you're going to say are bad things? I wouldn't go to that funeral, would you? But all you have to remember is that nothing really matters until you make it matter, so make the most of your life. It's not going to be around forever. That's all I have to say for today. Consciousness bless.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blackstreet's black, all right!

Jesus, it's been a rough week. I worked my ass off yesterday and I'm sore everywhere and guess what? I have to go back to work today. I guess one of the baggers who wasn't doing what he was supposed to do either quit or got fired. I've always wondered why they called it "getting fired." Is it because it rhymes with hired? Or did they invent the word hired because it rhymes with fired? Food for thought, nonetheless.
Anywho, it's about that time of year when a lot of people are leaving BI-LO and I will be wwitching to part-time so that they can't force me to go in when I'm at school. Could you believe that if they started calling me while I was in class? "Hey, Andrew, sorry to interrupt your physics class, but we really need you to come in as soon as possible." Ha, those bastards don't know what they have coming to them. Achooo! I almost sneezed for the second time, meaning I haven't sneezed yet, I've almost sneezed twice.
Right now I'm eating a banana. Banana is hard to spell because when you're typing it, it's like "na-na-na-na, when do I stop?" It's a good banana though. It has first-class written nall over it. You know, they say everyone should have five servings of fruits and vegetables in order to be healthy, but I see anything but that with most people. For most people, their vegetable is a batch of McDonald's French fries and a diet fucking coke. Mmm mmm, grease and sugar...brings back memories, but not mammories. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today, I may go out and walk before I go out an go to work because I'm fixing to start working out again. (Did you see that? I just used southern slang. "fixing to go do somthing" Ha, ha, ha.) I hope you appreciate those commas between each "ha." That siginifies I paused between each one.
Mel Gibson is in the news. He got arrested for a DUI. Damn skippy, you stupid Jew-hating bastard! Just kidding, Mel. He went to rehab. I say rehab's for qutiters. And I still haven't seen the Passion. You know what, you probably already know why I didn't go see if if you've ever read my blog, so hey, there's not explanation required, ya mean? If I may quote South Park, "Mel Gibson is fucking daffy." And there you have it. Peace out, home fries.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Soreness and Apathy

Everyone has people at their job who never pull their weight and because of this it forces you to work almost double as hard as you normally would to pick up the slack of the other people whoaren't doing what they're supposed to do. And it's really difficult to deal with these people, as most of them end up quitting, putting even more of a burden on you. And it's just terrilbe how some people just don't work when they're at work. They fucking walk around the store or just do absolutely nothing. This is yet anothe reason why I never want to work in a job setting again. After I get all my debts paid off, no more job for me. I'm going to become a self-made millionaire. That is it. A self-made millionaire. And the funny thing is I probably won't even need all that money, so I may go into creating a charity or something. Or I could do something where I travel the country, giving money away, or whatever. It would be a very cool idea. I have to mke enough money to where I never, ever have to work at a job again and never ever have to put up with bosses and people who don't do their share of work. If I start my own business, it would be very consciousness=based, along with some humor that many people would enjoy. I want to be a speechwriter and/or speaker. Now, I'm not sure about being a speechwriter because I don't want someone else conveying my message. Not to mention, they're my thoughts and words, so why in the hell would I want someone else saying them? It's not like that's what THEY actually think. So why would I have them say it? So, I have a new path in my life right now. I'm glad I'm going back to college because I'll take classes that will allow me to hone my communication skills and further sway me towards the road of communication. I first thought I wanted to be a math teacher before I went to college. What a silly thoght that was! Ha, that's just too much work for so little return. All those math classes were so out of sync with who I am as a person, so that's one reason why I have to not do math anymore. With the amount of courses I have in mathematics, there is no way I'll ever have to take anothe rmathematics class again, especially in the realm of calculus or wacky geometry. At first, I wondered why I felt I had to do math in the first place. What kind of monetary and motivational gain did I get from it? It was just a bunc of frustration. The only releif I got was when I looked in the bakc of the book to check my answers and found out that one of them was right. I wonder how many people in the world want to make their own monetary blog, though. I should start monetizing this one, as soon as I get web traffic. Until then, I'm blogging for free. And that's okay. I'm fine with that. It gets everything out in the open. If there's something that I'm thinking about subconsciously, it gets out. All right, gotta go take a shower before another miserable day at work. Peace to all the people whoa re reading this and good luck in life.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I have to work today, again

This fucking job is eating up all my time with my family. It's terrible. I don't get to spend hardly any time with them anymore because of this fucking job. Why don't I just quit this fucking job? Because it would piss off my entire family and I know if I quit this job, they're going to make me get another one, so there's no way out. I don't want to be the kind of person who works, works, works for the rest of his life and never really acomplishes anything. WHo the hell wants to do that for a living? Work until you fucking die and then you wonder where all the time went. I'm tired of asshole bosses, I'm tired of having to work certain hours that are just so fucking inconvenient, and I'm tired of taking crap from my bosses when I'm one of the hardest working people there. I just can't deal with this shit anymore. So many people are already quitting, and most of them I liked to work with, but since they're all fucking leaving, there's really no reason for me to stay. They treat me terrible, and I think it's time for a change, but I don't want another slave job. I don't want another job where they treat me like this. I want a job where I am respected for who I am, not tossed around like some lump of crap. So this is what's going to happen. I'm going to tell whoever is there today that I'm sick of them and that they can go to hell. Then I'm going to fucking quit. How can I be expected to perform well when I'm being put with morons who can't do their job correctly, and this puts more weight on me? How is it even worth going anymore? I just don't feel like that job anymore and I never ever am going to have a job like that again. I don't want a job that's so rush, rush, rush. I want a job that's more laid back, one that's not all work and no play. That's all I'm asking for. That's it. Just a job where I'm not being forced to go outside in 100 degree heat and get 150 shopping carts in ten minutes. I'm jsut so tired of that kind of thing. Just cna't take that anymore. And they pay me minimum wage for this shit. Fuck them. Where's my raise? I've been there eight months. I'm so done with them. So fucking done. They've seen the last of me, believe me. And so has this blog entry. Peace out.

Friday, July 28, 2006

What's your inspriaton quotient?

They say that you should always do something that inspires you and resonates with you as a person. Be this a job, a hobby, or just a state of being, one needs to find something out there that he/she loves and just pursue it to the fullest with no exceptions. Why live on Earth if you're not going to do what you feel you were meant to do? Is there really a point to your existence? To be the person who had so many aspirations but never came through is the person who will never receive recognition. When they die, their eulogy will be about what a good person they were, but also about how they never got to their dreams. You have to reach your dreams. Many people give up on their dreams because people tell them they aren't realistic or that they will never ever happen. People often let others dictate what they are going to do in life. Often they're guilt-tripped into doing a job or a service they really don't want to do. But they still do it. They really don't have anything planned in the moment, so they settle for it. I am guilty of that. For some reason, people would tell me that I would be a great teacher. For awhile, I thought the same thing. I went to college wanting to be a math teacher, but it just stopped inspiring me after awhile. I worked through the tough times, but only more tough times followed. So i decided to change career paths. Public speaking and standup comedy is what truly inspires me in the depths of my heart and soul. Being a teacher would have satisfied that need to an extent, but in the long run, it would have been something that would have left me burnt out. Public speaking, speaking in motivational fashion, telling jokes in front of an audience. Those were the things I was put on this Earth to do. And if I don't meet those goals of mine, it will be like I'm turning down this incredible gift that I have. Sure, I"m not the best at my field yet, as my skills aren't as honed as some masterful speakers/comedians. But I'm on my way to becoming a good speaker. I just have to work hard at it and I'm totally fine with that. I really just have to form a strong connection with people and show them that I am here to entertain/motivate/inspire them. I'm not going to put profit ahead of my message. My message will be simple. You can do anything you want if you just set aside all your doubts and fears about what you're capable of. Why live a life of mediocrity? Why do that when there's so much more to life? Why life your life in fear of the media and all the propaganda we're fed with a spoon every day of our lives? Why waste time doing things that don't really need to be done but we're so socially conditioned to thinking we have to do that we think we need to do them anyway? Don't waste your life doing what everyone else is doing. It's not worth your time. Do something unique, something that will set you apart from everyone else. It's just not worth it to spend your whole life just living someone else's goals. Just not worth it. And more on whether what you're doing is best for you later, but very soon. Peace out.

Who's your slave master? Who is it? Huh?

At work yesterday, as I've been getting tired of working at the place I'm working, I got talked to by one of the managers. It was funny because he was noticing all the things I've been doing. Mumbling under my breath, wandering around the store. Ha! He nailed me. That mother fucker. It's only more consolation that I need to start my own business. Yup, starting a new business is what I need to do. It's all going to start with this blog because that's all I have. I don't have anything to sell except my hopes, dreams, and my userd goals. I just can't do that demeaning work. Emptying trash cans, cleaning bathrooms, getting shopping carts off the parking lot and we have 250 of them, no lie. Not to mention while I'm not doing that demeaning bullshit, they want me to bag groceries, do clean ups on aisle seven, or whichever aisle has a clenaup, stock ice in a fride among other things. And that's for the lofty paycheck of $7.00 an hour. I've been there eight months. NO fucking raise, nothing. They treat me like I don't exist, so why should I act like I do? But I believe that I'm going to get a new job and I'm going to look for a new job before I start this business. I just don't want someone else in charge of my time. Being at a job makes me feel powerless while I'm there. It's just not fiar. It is my life. I should be able to control what I do in my life, not surrender to some slave master every fucking day. Maybe he'll sell me to a better master. "Oh no massa, I never roam again." Ha, ha, ha. But anyway, slave wages, slave job, and I'm French Canadian. What the fuck? I never heard of any French Canadian slaves? So why should I be slaving to these people? I slave over a hot cup of tea every day while I write this article I'm writing right now. Guess who's talking about Jesus? Just kidding. I don't really hav e a method to my job, but what's going on is now they want me to tell them if I'm going off the front end at all times. That's bullshit. Why should I have to do that? Fuck it, I don't want a job, I'm going to college so I don't need to have one. I'm doing speaking, standup, raido and shit like that. And that's the word. I don't want to latch msyelf onto some career where I have t his boss man telling me what I can do with my time, what I have to wear, who I have to interact with. Who the hell is he to tell me what to do? he's just worked that the demeaing job longer than I have and probably sucked a lot of company dick just to get those promotions,which I really don't condone. Which is one reason why I'm choosing to get my own business with no employees and just me, myself, and Jesus on my side. Just kidding about Jesus. Buddha would be a better apprentice. All right, good day.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fucking College FAFSA bullshit

I cannot believe what just happened. I filled out a FAFSA for my new college and guess what? I hadn't received any financial aid and school is less than three weeks away. So what did I do? I sent an email to the school. And what did they tell me? They told me that I had been selceted for verificatioin and I would have to fill out some dependent verification form or something and after that it would take two to three weeks to get my financial aid. Just fucking great. Now I won't be getting my financial aid until AFTER I start going there. What the fuck? Why didn't they fucking tell me this shit and not wait for me to fucking contact them because my fucking aid hadn't showed up yet? What is their fucking problem? No I'm pretty much fucked up the ass until I get the aid and that's not fucking fair to me. That's not fair. Why couldn't they have infomed me about this sooner? There I was, expecting the aid to come, waiting, waiting, wondering why I didn't get it yet, so I asked them and they made me so pissed off I can't even tell you. They just don't fucking understand. Two weeks from now is when I have to register. Those fucking bastard mother fuckers. Well, what the fuck can I do but send that fucking paper in and fucking hope that they fucking verify it or something and do that shit in a timely mnner or I'm going to fucking ring their god damn necks. Those fucking assholes! They're going to get a serious talking to by me. I'll update the situation later. Peace out mother fuckers.

Zombies Racing to Our Graves

To me, it seems like many people in today's culture love to rush, rush, rush. They always have to be doing something. They're never relaxed, they're always stressed out. And for what? The answer is nothing. Why do these people feel they have to work so hard to achieve some result that they don't even know why they're trying to achieve it? What is going on with this? There are people who work more than 75 hours a week and they have no time for reflection or anything similar. They just work, work, work and before they know it, they're dead. And they never saw it coming. One day they're 85 years old on their death bed waiting to get their last rites. And it's sad, it really is. A life wasted. A life that really didn't mean anything because this person spent all his time doing something he hated or didn't have to do in order to make a living. One of the greatest quotes ffrom Marc Allen is "Money is a great servant but a terrible master." That is so true. Money is a great worker and can allow you to do a number of things. But when you let money rule your life, you become miserable; a slave to every becon call. It's terrible how some people have to work all their waking hours just to make ends meet. But it doesn't have to be that way. Things could be better, if they could see that there are alternative ways to live and if they could only find them, things would get a lot easier. I hate seeing people who complain all the time, too. About their job, about their family, about whatever is in front of them. if you have a problem, don't come complaining to comeson, but work it out. That's how you solve problems. Assess the situation, work at it, and come to a conclusion. If your spouse isn't as loving as he/she used to be, you can make one of two decisions: go to marriage counseling or get a divorce. The dreaded D word. Well, it happens to more than half of the marriages today, but I don't blame everyone for that. I blame the people who get married over five times in their lives. Those people are making marriage look like a bad thing. But sometimes it can be a bad thing. But I have no experience in this field, so maybe I'm not the one who whould be giving pointers on marriage. But you know, I don't really care. You can take my advice or you can shun me. Do whatever you want because I really don't care. Just get a car and race, race all the way to your grave. And that's all for now.